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Implement – Step 4 to Getting On Top of Your Issues

Step 4 – Implement

This post concentrates on the fourth step – how to Implement your response to issues and their management – covering the requirements for usability, training, visibility, accuracy and solution refinement.

This is the fourth of six posts that outline in more detail our guide to getting on top of your issues, born out of our experience, frustration and success in managing issues in complex environments.

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Categorise – Step 2 to Getting on Top of Issues

Step 2 – Categorise

This post concentrates on the second step – understanding and applying categories – how to delineate issues, identify root causes, structure failure, undertake diagnosis and triage, deal with location and asset categorisation.

This is the second of six posts that outline in more detail our guide to getting on top of your issues, born out of our experience, frustration and success in managing issues in complex environments.

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The Role for Issue Management in Manufacturing

Manufacturing is complex. Designing, making and supporting a product is full of complex tasks with an inherent need for both record keeping and live information on issues.  This post will outline some of the common stages in manufacturing and show how an issue management tool – such as One Issue – can be utilised to speed communication and improve efficiency within your ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or TS 16949 environments.

The three common stages in manufacturing industry are:

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What is One Issue?

One Issue improves visibility of issues across your business.

Resolving issues across a growing business can be both time consuming and costly. Each wasted visit, each extra phone call or email to better understand the issue, each misreported issue can cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds to your business.

One Issue provides a simple, accurate, accountable and secure platform for issues that help improve internal and external customer satisfaction.  Raising and resolving issues. front of house and back office, across departments, becomes easier and more transparent.

One Issue is a simple to configure and install solution that provides real-time reports of all issues across all departments including time taken and costs incurred.  Available now without the need for large capital investment and with a low monthly fee per user.

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A 6 Step Guide to Getting on Top of Issues

If you cannot achieve anything you had planned because of responding to the phone and email – day after day – you may need help getting on top of your issues.  These issues may be from customers, suppliers or from your own operations or facilities – the process for getting on top of your issues can be the same.

This guide introduces six steps which provide a path to getting on top of your issues.

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What Are Issues And How Should We Manage Them?

To those in the issue management field, an issue is very simply a work based problem that can re-occur or repeat. A few straightforward examples might be:

In Customer Services – an customer with a service complaint

In Facilities – a sticking access door

In Manufacturing – a broken tool line side

In Logistics – a misplaced load

In IT – a user report of an overheating laptop

These 5 examples all have common attributes although their subject matter is different – they each consist of:

  • A raiser reporting or raising an issue with their work environment
  • Someone else is responsible for or has a duty of care in resolving the issue
  • Some detail, description and context of the issue is provided by the raiser.

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What does the change to driving while using mobile phone penalties in the UK tell us about solution design?

So imagine you are driving at 50 miles an hour and you start to text and a child runs out in front of the car.

Are you going to be prepared to stop or avoid the child?

You are driving on a motorway, you check twitter and the car in front of you veers into the arm-cove?

What can you do? How fast can you react?

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Inbox Chaos – A Better Way to Cope

We all know the symptom’s – an email inbox full to capacity and 100’s if not 1000’s of new emails arriving everyday. The trouble is most of these emails may actually be important if not vital – so wholesale deletion does not work. Stress caused by email overload at work is now a serious issue. The latest statistics from the Health & Safety Executive show that stress now accounts for 45% of all lost working days in the UK and mental health experts are advising that taking a break from email is necessary to reduce stress in the workplace. Continue reading

Manufacturing Reports – 3 big problems to solve!

Reporting outputs, actions and results is a way of life in manufacturing. Daily reports are the lifeblood of any good production environment and encompass quality, operations, supply chain and health & safety to name a few. It is typical to have to spend days compiling weekly or monthly reports with significant input from valuable staff.

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