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One Issue – now with added Entrepreneurial Spark!

One Issue has been assessed and is now fully enrolled in the Entrepreneurial Spark programme powered by Nat West Bank. ┬áThis programme is the world’s largest people accelerator for start-up and scaleup businesses and recognizes both the business and people behind One Issue.

The process will challenge and refine our business model and help prepare us for future growth.

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Awareness – Step 1 to Getting on Top of Issues

Step 1 – Awareness

This post concentrates on the first of these steps – gaining and improving awareness – recognising you are swamped, collecting information, identifying scale, understanding complexity, counting success and failure and creating a winning vision.

This is the first of six posts that outline in more detail our guide to getting on top of your issues, born out of our experience, frustration and success in managing issues in complex environments.

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