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One Issue – now with added Entrepreneurial Spark!

One Issue has been assessed and is now fully enrolled in the Entrepreneurial Spark programme powered by Nat West Bank.  This programme is the world’s largest people accelerator for start-up and scaleup businesses and recognizes both the business and people behind One Issue.

The process will challenge and refine our business model and help prepare us for future growth.

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One Issue Provides Accuracy Under Pressure

When things go wrong, people feel under pressure – especially at work.  Users can misreport or over report  issues. They may not know the difference between an air conditioning unit or a air curtain, what has gone wrong or the severity of the issue – but they need it fixed!. This can cause multiple phone calls, emails and site visits to diagnose an issue.  One Issue provides a guided, pre-populated mobile solution that eases the pressure and helps the user provide an accurate work request for the maintenance team.

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Feedback – Step 5 to Getting on Top of Your Issues

Step 5 – Feedback

This post concentrates on how to implement learning and feedback in your response to issues and their management – covering the requirements for feedback, learning from mistakes, utilising history, avoiding haste, implementing continuous improvement and working smart.

This is the fifth of six posts that outline in more detail our guide to getting on top of your issues, born out of our experience, frustration and success in managing issues in complex environments.

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Manufacturing Reports – 3 big problems to solve!

Reporting outputs, actions and results is a way of life in manufacturing. Daily reports are the lifeblood of any good production environment and encompass quality, operations, supply chain and health & safety to name a few. It is typical to have to spend days compiling weekly or monthly reports with significant input from valuable staff.

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Every Day can be Audit Day

When you run a critical production environment such as a multi-line food process or packaging for FMCG, you are very familiar with internal audit procedures and the appropriate BRC Standards. Within these standards are the requirements for internal audit schedules leading to corrective and further preventative actions.

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Stress Leads To Reporting Errors

When your production operative has to report an issue they are under stress.  They are losing Takt time in reporting the issue, it might even be their fault and they will end up talking to a supervisor they do not know.  But most important the production output might be compromise and the line even halted – A BIG DEAL.

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How to use Human Factors in Issue Reporting

The field of human factors is still developing and the understanding of how people react in stressful situations has been pioneered by NASA and the Nuclear Industry.

The insights produced by human reliability analysis have shaped the human – machine interface in some of the highest risk environments, such as spacecraft and nuclear power plant control rooms. In these environments performance has been enhanced by using the Standardised Plant Analysis Risk Human Reliability Analysis SPAR-H method.

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How to reduce reporting errors

Analysis of human error rates shows that a normal person will make an error 1 in 4 times under a normal (general) stress environment – such as reporting a problem at work.  Most work process are structured and in production environments they have well developed processes with detailed training.  These processes are designed to reduce human errors by a factor of 100 or more.

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