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One Issue Provides Accuracy Under Pressure

When things go wrong, people feel under pressure – especially at work.  Users can misreport or over report  issues. They may not know the difference between an air conditioning unit or a air curtain, what has gone wrong or the severity of the issue – but they need it fixed!. This can cause multiple phone calls, emails and site visits to diagnose an issue.  One Issue provides a guided, pre-populated mobile solution that eases the pressure and helps the user provide an accurate work request for the maintenance team.

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Keeping It Simple is Never Stupid

One Issue makes life simpler

Keep it Simple, Stupid – or the ‘KISS’ principle – has been recognised since the 1960’s (originally by the US Navy) as a very effective way of making systems work better – particularly when humans are involved.  Keeping each step as simple as possible can allow a process to be faster, more repeatable and accurate by inducing less human error and avoiding complexity which can create confusion and doubt – both to be avoiding when the operator is under stress.

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UK Council for Electronic Business Excellence Award Finalist!

Good News!

One Issue has been selected as one of the finalists for the UKCeB 2017 Excellence Awards presented at the Defence Information Show ’17 (26/27 April 2017)  hosted by Cranfield University.

The award is peer and industry recognition for innovation and good practices in electronic business and encompasses entries from major companies and conglomerates down to micro-businesses.

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Organise – Step 3 to Getting On Top of Your Issues

Step 3 – Organise

This post concentrates on the third step – how to Organise your response to issues and their management – dealing with rapid response, planning for failure, scaling resources, process improvements, automate and prioritisation.

This is the third of six posts that outline in more detail our guide to getting on top of your issues, born out of our experience, frustration and success in managing issues in complex environments.

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The Role of Issue Management in Customer Service

Customer Service is taxing.  Keeping customers supported, engaged and happy is a complicated multi-layered task with the imperative on communication.  Managing tickets, work orders and requests can mean it is difficult to keep the focus on the customer. This post will outline some of the key trends in business to business (B2B) customer service and show how an issue management tool – such as One Issue – can be utilised to speed communication and improve engagement with your customers.

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Awareness – Step 1 to Getting on Top of Issues

Step 1 – Awareness

This post concentrates on the first of these steps – gaining and improving awareness – recognising you are swamped, collecting information, identifying scale, understanding complexity, counting success and failure and creating a winning vision.

This is the first of six posts that outline in more detail our guide to getting on top of your issues, born out of our experience, frustration and success in managing issues in complex environments.

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What is One Issue?

One Issue improves visibility of issues across your business.

Resolving issues across a growing business can be both time consuming and costly. Each wasted visit, each extra phone call or email to better understand the issue, each misreported issue can cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds to your business.

One Issue provides a simple, accurate, accountable and secure platform for issues that help improve internal and external customer satisfaction.  Raising and resolving issues. front of house and back office, across departments, becomes easier and more transparent.

One Issue is a simple to configure and install solution that provides real-time reports of all issues across all departments including time taken and costs incurred.  Available now without the need for large capital investment and with a low monthly fee per user.

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When Sh!t hits the Fan – Where are your Performance Shaping Factors?

In the production environment things can and do go wrong.  A lot of effort goes into preventing and reducing occurrence, underpinned by an understanding of human factors – incorporating Performance Shaping Factors (PSF’s).  Common key PSF’s are:

  • Available Time
  • Stress and stressors
  • Experience and Training
  • Task Complexity
  • Ergonomics
  • Quality of Operating Procedures
  • Operator fitness for duty
  • Work Processes

But when things do go wrong and we have to report an issue by picking up a phone – we throw these PSF’s in the bin!

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Simple is not easy!

When you see something so simple that absolutely nails a problem on the head there is a tendency to believe that getting there was easy. Someone saw the light and came up with an elegant solution an obvious problem.

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