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Keeping It Simple is Never Stupid

One Issue makes life simpler

Keep it Simple, Stupid – or the ‘KISS’ principle – has been recognised since the 1960’s (originally by the US Navy) as a very effective way of making systems work better – particularly when humans are involved.  Keeping each step as simple as possible can allow a process to be faster, more repeatable and accurate by inducing less human error and avoiding complexity which can create confusion and doubt – both to be avoiding when the operator is under stress.

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What is One Issue?

One Issue improves visibility of issues across your business.

Resolving issues across a growing business can be both time consuming and costly. Each wasted visit, each extra phone call or email to better understand the issue, each misreported issue can cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds to your business.

One Issue provides a simple, accurate, accountable and secure platform for issues that help improve internal and external customer satisfaction.  Raising and resolving issues. front of house and back office, across departments, becomes easier and more transparent.

One Issue is a simple to configure and install solution that provides real-time reports of all issues across all departments including time taken and costs incurred.  Available now without the need for large capital investment and with a low monthly fee per user.

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