Inbox Chaos – A Better Way to Cope

We all know the symptom’s – an email inbox full to capacity and 100’s if not 1000’s of new emails arriving everyday. The trouble is most of these emails may actually be important if not vital – so wholesale deletion does not work. Stress caused by email overload at work is now a serious issue. The latest statistics from the Health & Safety Executive show that stress now accounts for 45% of all lost working days in the UK and mental health experts are advising that taking a break from email is necessary to reduce stress in the workplace.

The challenge is therefore how to keep abreast of events at work without relying on chains of email notification about problems or issues as they arise. The majority of problem notifications can actually be replaced by a modern issue management solution – allowing an overview of issues and resolution whilst removing potentially hundreds of emails from your inbox.

A modern issue management solution can provide:

  • Traceable and clear reporting to focus priorities and actions
  • Easy to use and deploy on available mobile technology
  • Avoid the need for extensive training
  • Contain a methodical structure for information capture (photos included)
  • Include a step by step fault tree approach to refine diagnosis
  • To automatically capture non-critical information
  • Provide routing to the right person for corrective action
  • Show feedback status to confirm the issue has been received and actions taken

Such as system can remove the need for regular email notification and free your inbox for exceptional items. All this can now be achieved using a modern, mobile issue reporting application – designed to provide an efficient and simple overview for those who need to know.

Reporting issues with the same rigor and attention to detail as our other business processes could make today an email free day!