How to improve compliance in Food Service

The post highlights some of the uses for issue management solutions within the food service industry. In the UK the British Retail Council and the Food Standards Agency have guidelines to underwrite an approach to providing food safety in the retail environment. A modern issue management solution can assist in implementing the Safer Food Better Business food safety approach in an efficient and effective manner – saving time and wasted effort. Data capture, photographic evidence and automatic document / report generation can all play a part in reducing errors and improving food safety.

The Role for Issue Management in Manufacturing

Manufacturing is complex. Designing, making and supporting a product is full of complex tasks with an inherent need for both record keeping and live information on issues.  This post will outline some of the common stages in manufacturing and show how an issue management tool – such as One Issue – can be utilised to speed communication and improve efficiency within your ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or TS 16949 environments.

Hospitality and Issue Management

The role for issue management in the hospitality industry encompasses both front and back of house activities.  An issue management solution can aid customers report problems effectively from washroom, hotel suite and restaurant. In back of house operations compliance, safety and facilities issues can be raised and efficiently managed across multiple sites with full trace-ability.

Issue Management’s Role within Logistics

Logistics is essential to everyday life and good logistics is both timely and efficient. It is by nature complex and full of issues where timely action can be critical but logistics is still plagued by paper – in triplicate usually.  Paper records and phone calls however cannot provide the same detailed and timely information a modern issue management solution can provide – traceable issues, photographs with GPS, near real-time reporting, multi-lingual instructions – enabling your logistics to run smoothly.