Every Day can be Audit Day

When you run a critical production environment such as a multi-line food process or packaging for FMCG, you are very familiar with internal audit procedures and the appropriate BRC Standards. Within these standards are the requirements for internal audit schedules leading to corrective and further preventative actions.

But internal audits are only one step towards a total quality culture and require dedicated resources which cannot be applied continuously. Ideally every employee should be equally on the lookout for non-compliance’s, defects, foreign bodies and contamination as your internal auditors.¬†Capturing this input in a structured, traceable and actionable format would allow every day to become an effective audit day.

Key attributes would be:

  • Easy to use and deploy on available mobile technology
  • Avoid the need for extensive training
  • Contain a methodical structure to information capture (photos included)
  • Include a step by step fault tree approach to refine diagnosis
  • To automatically capture non-critical information
  • Provide routing to the right person for corrective action
  • Show feedback status to confirm the issue has been received and actions taken
  • Traceable and provide clear reporting to focus preventative actions

Such as system would not replace existing audit or quality tools, rather augment these with a simple everyday application. This can now be achieved using a modern, mobile issue reporting application – designed to lower reporting errors and speed issue diagnosis without wasted effort.

Make every day an audit day with issues reported with the same rigor and attention to detail as our internal audits.