How to improve compliance in Food Service

The post highlights some of the uses for issue management solutions within the food service industry.  In the UK the British Retail Council and the Food Standards Agency have guidelines to underwrite an approach to providing food safety in the retail environment.  A modern issue management solution can assist in implementing the Safer Food Better Business food safety approach in an efficient and effective manner – saving time and wasted effort.  Data capture, photographic evidence and automatic document / report generation can all play a part in reducing errors and improving food safety.

The Food Diary

The food diary is the principle record that the business has been following the Safer Food Better Business guidelines correctly.  It is therefore important that its records are contemporaneous – created as incidents occur and are solved – rather than at the end of the shift by a third party not present. Capture of issues with photographs and comments on a mobile device can then be automatically collated into the diary record without further effort and help improve your food safety.

4 Week Review

The four weekly review can be aided significantly by having an automatic calendar and records of your issues and events provided by a modern issue management solution.  Changes to your safe methods can be also updated as appropriate and include changes to your equipment register and cleaning methods.

Prove It for Hot and Cold

This is where automation can really come into its own with notification of temperature monitoring requirement to staff and photographic evidence to support equipment test – recording both the thermometer and temperature. This can apply equally well to both chilled and frozen storage and of course grills, ovens and sensitive prepared food such as chicken – enhancing your food safety.

Opening, Closing and Extra Checklists

The opening and closing checks are repetitive and routine – but you need to know they have been completed at the correct times.  An advanced issue management system can help, staff open the application and complete the checks, with a time / user stamp and the capacity for an overview to be available at head office – so you can be sure everything has been completed to meet food safety guidelines.

Safe Method Completion Records

The importance of the safe method completion record is in the training of your staff in the methods appropriate to your business.  An issue management solution can help by presenting these methods to your staff on a mobile device and recording with a management signature when training has been completed – capturing your staff training record.  Each time your staff member logs in a reminder of the appropriate safe method can also be presented to ensure no one forgets and compromises food safety.


Cleaning Schedule

Your cleaning schedule is part of your everyday tasks but having a schedule on paper cannot guarantee the method for food safety is followed every time.  An issue management solution can present the after use, daily, weekly and longer cycle cleaning tasks with the appropriate precautions and method whilst also capturing confirmation of completion and staff identification.  This can provide traceable evidence of who cleaned what and when – giving you the security of knowing the tasks have been completed.

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