One Issue Provides Accuracy Under Pressure

When things go wrong, people feel under pressure – especially at work.  Users can misreport or over report  issues. They may not know the difference between an air conditioning unit or a air curtain, what has gone wrong or the severity of the issue – but they need it fixed!. This can cause multiple phone calls, emails and site visits to diagnose an issue.  One Issue provides a guided, pre-populated mobile solution that eases the pressure and helps the user provide an accurate work request for the maintenance team.

Raising an issue in One Issues is simplified into sequential steps, starting the with easiest task – site location and progressing through building, floor/room and issue – capturing all the vital information in a low stress approach.  Keeping each screen to a single step in the process reduces the complexity presented to the user, simplifying their task.


By capturing this information in a structured form, it makes it easier for the person responsible to identify the issue, its location within its environment and judge the severity from captured pictures.


  • Simple, guided issue raise, share, resolve, approve and complete stages
  • time stamped and traceable actions
  • clear diagnosis based on your own issue hierarchy
  • pictures – worth a thousand words – up to 5 makes it simple 🙂

One Issue users are finding greatly improved accuracy over previous phone call reporting , especially when the user might not have any practical background – such as in a retail, catering or warehouse environment.

Accuracy in the initial reporting means less waste, less effort and a more efficient and effective issue resolution.

Contact us to discover how One Issue can make your issue reporting and resolution more accurate.