Manufacturing Reports – 3 big problems to solve!

Reporting outputs, actions and results is a way of life in manufacturing. Daily reports are the lifeblood of any good production environment and encompass quality, operations, supply chain and health & safety to name a few. It is typical to have to spend days compiling weekly or monthly reports with significant input from valuable staff.

The 3 big reporting problems facing many manufacturers are:

  1. data is resident across many silo’s (stand-alone function based systems) which require too much effort to join together
  2. unknown and uncertain (historic) data quality leading to the need for added time and effort to clean data before it is compatible
  3. relevant data not being captured at the point of incidence (or being lost on paper subsequently)

Modern systems, such as a mobile issue reporting application, can help avoid these problems by:

  • reporting through any chosen solution used to bridge the silo problem
  • NOT imposing its own closed reporting solutions – however neatly integrated
  • being transparent in terms of data cleanliness, not requiring any additional formatting or review before use elsewhere
  • being easy to capture data at point of incidence – so nothing is lost

Cloud database linked mobile applications can be agnostic with reporting that is usable, flexible and able to port to the multitude of modern business intelligence (BI) systems.

It is now time we stopped adding to the manufacturing reporting problem and imposed agnostic reporting as a key attribute of all new systems and mobile software.