Can you do more than one thing at once? a multitasking test

Many of us think we can, but can you?

Take 5 minutes, watch this video and do the exercise, have a piece of paper ready.

In one simple exercise, Dave shows how “switch tasking” takes MORE time, DECREASES quality and INCREASES stress!

Multitasking and app design, how to simplify user interaction

In our world of business productivity and issue management, it is imperative that all users find it easy and as stress free as possible when raising an issue.

Our guiding principles are as follows:

  • Keep it simple
  • One question per screen
  • Hint for the question
  • Ensure user knows where they are in the process
  • Pre-populate to allow for minimal text entry
  • Configure and filter by Location and Issue Type
  • Add images to aid the person resolving to correctly diagnose the issue
  • No training

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