Why changes that need to happen, don’t.

Sometimes things need to change.

You have spent a few weeks checking that things need to change, you have gained evidence that things need to change, you get confirmation that things need to change, then nothing happens.

What is holding back the change?

I have just seen this wonderful slide share from two of the world’s foremost web usability experts, Steve Krug and Caroline Jarrett.

In their world, user experience(UX) is customer experience and they test website with real customers and suggest change. These changes can have huge impact on a businesses ability to trade. So you would think they would be listened too.

They created a survey to get feedback on why obvious user experience changes weren’t being implemented.

Here is the list of questions

  • Not enough time
  • Too much else to do
  • Not enough resources
  • Required too big a change to a business process
  • Technical team said it couldn’t be done
  • Team did not have enough power to make it happen
  • Conflicted with decision maker’s belief or opinion
  • No effective decision maker
  • Disagreements emerged later
  • Deferred until next major update/redesign
  • Other events intervened before change could happen
  • Legal department objected

They expected “Not enough resources” or “Deferred until the next major update/redesign” to be top but these came second and third.
First on the list “Conflicted with decision maker’s belief or opinion”

Does this tally with your experience in other fields?