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Hygieneat – Best new B2B technology innovation award

Very proud that our new product Hygieneat has won the coveted  “Best new B2B technology innovation in MK and SEMLEP region” at the Biztech BrightSparc Awards 2017 on Friday.

Hygieneat replaces paper in Food-to-Go for Food and Health and Safety and Deliveries. Optimised for multi-site usage,  with minimal instruction, it provides near real-time oversight of critical activities across the business.

A big thank you to the judges the Mayor of Milton Keynes, Cllr David Hopkins, the MK Council leader, Cllr Peter Marland, Jan Flawn, of PJ Care, Nick Lancaster, of the University of Bedfordshire, and Silvia Vitiello from Kingston Smith and all who helped us get here, and looking forward to taking this exciting and valuable product to the market.

What does the change to driving while using mobile phone penalties in the UK tell us about solution design?

So imagine you are driving at 50 miles an hour and you start to text and a child runs out in front of the car.

Are you going to be prepared to stop or avoid the child?

You are driving on a motorway, you check twitter and the car in front of you veers into the arm-cove?

What can you do? How fast can you react?

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Enough with phone and emails!

Is there a better way?

You have a help desk and all the skills in your team to fix any issue but..

  • Phone calls provide insufficient information
  • Emails are vague
  • The reports aren’t timely
  • Follow up calls required to understand the issue
  • Site visit needed to find out the real issue
  • Vital information missing

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Simple is not easy!

When you see something so simple that absolutely nails a problem on the head there is a tendency to believe that getting there was easy. Someone saw the light and came up with an elegant solution an obvious problem.

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Why changes that need to happen, don’t.

Sometimes things need to change.

You have spent a few weeks checking that things need to change, you have gained evidence that things need to change, you get confirmation that things need to change, then nothing happens.

What is holding back the change?

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