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Implement – Step 4 to Getting On Top of Your Issues

Step 4 – Implement

This post concentrates on the fourth step – how to Implement your response to issues and their management – covering the requirements for usability, training, visibility, accuracy and solution refinement.

This is the fourth of six posts that outline in more detail our guide to getting on top of your issues, born out of our experience, frustration and success in managing issues in complex environments.

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UK Council for Electronic Business Excellence Award Finalist!

Good News!

One Issue has been selected as one of the finalists for the UKCeB 2017 Excellence Awards presented at the Defence Information Show ’17 (26/27 April 2017)  hosted by Cranfield University.

The award is peer and industry recognition for innovation and good practices in electronic business and encompasses entries from major companies and conglomerates down to micro-businesses.

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