What is One Issue?

One Issue improves visibility of issues across your business.

Resolving issues across a growing business can be both time consuming and costly. Each wasted visit, each extra phone call or email to better understand the issue, each misreported issue can cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds to your business.

One Issue provides a simple, accurate, accountable and secure platform for issues that help improve internal and external customer satisfaction.  Raising and resolving issues. front of house and back office, across departments, becomes easier and more transparent.

One Issue is a simple to configure and install solution that provides real-time reports of all issues across all departments including time taken and costs incurred.  Available now without the need for large capital investment and with a low monthly fee per user.


Simple means less mistakes, less training, less to forget, less to get wrong  – leading to huge cost savings in resolution and improved customer satisfaction. One Issue is issue management simplified:

  • Familiar mobile interface means users use One Issue and need little to no training
  • Less is more – as much data as possible is pre-populated allowing the user to raise an accurate issue report in under a minute
  • Location, asset, issue, description and images captured
  • Guided issue raise, share, resolve, approve and complete stages
  • All data capture and workflow can be configured to your requirements
  • Mobile, tablet or desktop – it all looks and acts the same

Simple means it gets used – by anyone.  An issue unreported is a big problem!


Under pressure, users can misreport or over report  issues. Users may not know what a unit is, what has gone wrong or the severity of the issue. This can cause multiple phone calls, emails and site visits.

By capturing as much information as possible in a structured form, it makes it easier for the person responsible to identify the issue, its location within its environment and judge the severity from pictures.

One Issue makes issues clearer:

  • Simple, guided issue raise, share, resolve, approve and complete stages
  • time stamped and traceable
  • clear diagnosis based on your own issue hierarchy
  • a picture is worth a thousand words, up to 5 makes it simple 🙂

Accuracy means less waste, less effort – more efficient and effective issue resolution.


Rarely do issue management solutions make users happier, One Issue can.

Users raising issues like to know what is happening with their issue. This can lead to many phone calls and emails, “chasing up” the issue, or worse users feeling despondent that issues are not being  rectified.

The people responsible for resolving issues can feel that whilst they are on top of the work, no-one seems to appreciate the speed and efficiency of their work.

One issue provides clear communication across issues with each stage recorded and visible to the person who reported and resolved the issue and their supervisors.


One Issue allows your people to take control of their responsibilities. Each action is recorded and visible.

This immediate accountability encourages your customers and staff to fulfil their end of the bargain. Either by raising a better issue request or by completing the work in a timely manner.

With One Issue everybody knows the status – nothing to hide – accountability ensured.


As your business grows, keeping on top of the business becomes harder. Departments and sites spend valuable time reporting on various KPIs and metrics to help the board understand the current status of all aspects. Each department finds it harder to record and resolve issues as their quantity grows.

One Issue provides a platform that allows all of the business to have real-time data derived from the people on the coal face. Each day builds a knowledge base of issues across all areas of the business.  It becomes clear which issues are recurring, which can be resolved systematically and which are costing the most.

  • all your issues in one solution allows easy interpretation
  • by location, issue type, asset, chronological or status order
  • free-form search by text, location, issue, asset or status

One Issue brings everyone complete visibility.


You need security. Data security and resilience is a must have, not an option.  One Issue brings issue management best practice:

  • IBM cloud hosting and resilience or hosting in your data centre
  • Secure communication to and from device
  • user / device authentication
  • full trace-ability and data residency
  • Industry standard API’s

If you need to be behind a corporate firewall this can be done.


Time consumed generating and collating reports across a business and its suppliers is valuable – it takes individuals away from their day job and can cost between 1 or 2 days a week in some environments.

Daily, weekly, monthly, even hourly – you want to see what matters, in a common format and drill down without waiting for post-processing and report preparation.

  • simple, KPI reporting by location, issues, asset and resolver
  • full trace-ability
  • industry standard API’s to link seamlessly into your business intelligence systems

One Issue removes the reporting burden, saving time and money and improving analysis of issues across your business.